What If There Were No Rules?

When I was young, several of us would go to a park or playground and play some football. When we played no one was there to “throw a flag,” to point out an infraction of the rules of football. Instead, there was usually some boisterous arguing.

In the NFL, when a referee sees an infraction, he throws a yellow flag on the field, and the sports broadcaster says, “There’s a flag on the field.” But can you imagine a football game, or any other sport, where there were no rules? Our playground games had some rules, but no rules? No standard? That would be utter chaos.

Not just sports, but in all of life, there are standards and morals and ethics, established by an authority. And there are probably plenty of times you and I might feel the government has too many rules and regulations, but again, no standard is insanity.

Infractions as well as disputes over the “rules” in a sports game are interpreted and determined by the officials assigned to the game. In civil matters, it’s handled by the court system. In the United States, the highest court in the land is the Supreme Court.

What About God?

When it comes to the Creator, God Almighty, is there a standard? I say, “Yes.” It’s the Bible!

But in our day and time it often seems like there is either no  สมัครเว็บ ufabet standard, or the Almighty has multiple personalities. Some say God does certain things, while others say He does not. Thus, the standard for understanding God is many times determined by whoever, whenever, and whatever. And so if one group doesn’t fit with what you believe is right or true, there are plenty of other choices.

It’s almost like as if there were all kinds of different standards for football games. If you think grabbing the opponent’s facemask is acceptable, then you watch games that allow that kind of action. I know it sounds kind of goofy, but isn’t that what Christianity kind of looks like today? On a lot of issues there seems to be a plethora of varying opinions and doctrines, all claiming to be the truth.

There are deeply committed religious people all over the world living what they believe is the right and proper way before their God. There are some so extreme they believe all others should convert or die. Others embrace what they think is right and couldn’t care less what anyone else believes.

Have you ever considered there are literally thousands of so called “football games” played every week on playgrounds and in parks