The Leopard is the Smallest of the Big Cats

The Leopard, Panthera pardus, is the littlest individual from the sort Panthera. This sort is alluded to as the enormous felines despite the fact that there are felines of different genera of comparable size to the Leopard.

Other large felines are the tiger, the lion and the panther. As of late it has been proposed that the Snow Leopard should be remembered for the variety. The Snow Leopard is something else entirely from the Leopard.

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The Leopard is the most broad of the relative multitude of enormous felines, being found in many pieces of Africa as well as the Indian subcontinent and East and South East Asia. Its geographic conveyance used to be considerably more extensive than this. The main region where there are as yet sensible quantities of Leopards is Africa south of the Sahara desert.

The Leopard is experiencing in the entirety of its reach environment misfortune essentially brought about by the expanding Human populace. Generally is has been killed Majestic Maine Coon Cat by trackers and hunting, both lawful and unlawful, still incurs significant damage of Leopards, however living space misfortune is the fundamental issue.

Generally speaking, the Leopard is the most un-compromised of the relative multitude of large felines.


Like most felines, the Leopard doesn’t frame enormous gatherings. A mother and her offspring are together for oneself and a half to two years.


Male Leopards will battle; presumably with regards to an area. These battles can bring about wounds that ultimately demonstrate lethal.


Panthers will chase and kill creatures a few times their own weight. The bigger creatures Leopards eat incorporate Giant Elands which can develop to almost a ton in weight. The majority of the prey species are more modest and incorporate a wide scope of animal types. Many sorts of Antelope are eaten. Panthers will chase both on the ground and in trees where they get monkeys. Chimps are not a significant piece of their eating routine.

Albeit bigger creatures are liked, Leopards additionally eat little rodents and even bugs. Panthers are more versatile in their picked of prey than some other Big Cat.

Man Eating

We are not a significant menu thing for most Leopards, but rather there have positively been instances of Leopards that have eaten individuals. Likewise with the other man eating huge felines, it is generally expected a Leopard that is harmed and not ready to get its not unexpected prey that goes to eating us.


This is a word that has a few implications. It is some of the time utilized basically to mean a Leopard, yet often it implies any dark Big Cat. Dark Leopards and Black Jaguars are both called Panthers.