If you are on the lookout for a new TV and if your budget permits, you have several choices today. One aspect may be saying goodbye to your now outdated and bulky CRT television. Another aspect may be that you desire to enjoy the sharpness, colour combination, flat posture of the television that are prominent in new TVs. It may also be a case that you are a technical person and want to enjoy the new visual wonders of cutting edge TV of modern age. Even you may be a sports lover wanting to enjoy the real fun of the World Cup Finals or US Open Tennis Championship at Flushing Meadows. As the technologies advance from time to time, your visions get better and better.

The aspects to be considered while going for a new TV

A number of things which might be required to be taken care of before you really bid farewell to your old for a new one. Some of the aspects are:

1. Is it really worth going for the new television set at the expense of the old one?

2. Does your budget permit having the latest and the bestTCL Google TV of the TV sets?

3. If you really go for the new one which TV you should opt for?

The choice

When the question of buying a new television set with all modern technologies is concerned, perhaps the best option would be to have a LCD television, having PAL broadcasting standard compatibility. It will be obviously better than a NSTC or a SECAM broadcasting compatible television set in the sense that PAL happens to be the most widely accepted broadcasting standard, not only in Asia and Europe but now in many parts of America too.

About PAL

As already stated, PAL or Phase-Alternating Line, is the broadcasting standard that is widely accepted in most part of the world. While Asia and Europe is fully covered with TV sets having PAL broadcasting standard compatibility, France faithfully follows the earliest SECAM standard. A part of America earlier preferring the NTSC standard is now preferring PAL.