Ice Augers Come in Surprising Variety

Ice augers are essentially large drills that are used to create holes in ice sheets. There are a number of practical applications for these devices, but they are most commonly used by sportsman for ice fishing. They are commonly found through most quality sporting goods stores and fishing specialty retailers.

Best Ice Augers 2021 – Reviews And Top Picks

Ice augers can be found in one of two main categories; those that run on gas or electricity, and those that are powered by hand. Traditional, hand-powered augers have the advantage of being able to cut through the ice without the need of a power supply, whether petrol or electricity. They have been used for many decades by ice fisherman and are still quite popular today.

Powered augers, on the other hand, are exceptionally convenient. Because they use a motor to do all of the heavy work, they are by far the easiest way to go. However best electric ice auger, they do require a power supply, which can cause a problem when you’re away from civilization. They are also considerably heavier due to the additional motor, and as such are a bit harder to carry around, especially when a long hike is going to be required.

Ice augers are relatively simple in design. Essentially, they are nothing more than a threaded shaft connected to either a handle (in the case of hand-powered augers) or to a powered motor (in the case of powered augers). As the auger shaft is turned, the sharp edges of the threads cut through the ice, creating a very precisely sized, perfectly round hole. Furthermore, they do not generally cause cracking around the drilling point, thereby leaving the remaining ice in stable, supportive condition.

Over the decades, the design of most augers has improved dramatically. Blades are made from materials that allow them to stay sharp and cut through the thickest ice with a minimal amount of effort. Motors have become much more efficient and are designed to be exceptionally lightweight when compared to those of just a few years ago. However, as with most any tool, ice augers do need to be well maintained in order to provide a long lifetime of service.