How to Pick The Right Builders Merchant

If you are thinking of doing a major home project yourself, knowing how to pick the right builders merchant will make a lot of things easier for you. A builders merchant supplies thousands of products to specialist crafts people such as builders, plumbers, electricians, and often, members of the public.

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They stock a huge range of products which can include timber, wall fixings, breezeblocks, shingles, aggregates, cement, bricks, sand, plumbing and sanitation materials, and decorating materials. Some can specialize in a particular area of supplies such as electrical, timber or bathrooms, while others may specialize more in garden and landscape-related products like topsoil and turf.

With the advancement of technology and ecommerce, you can find a range of online builders merchants making your search much easier. Most reputable companies are members of the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF), a trade body which represents those in the building material suppliers industry and provides information about the companies across the country and the services they provide. Websites of reputable merchants should carry the BMF member logo to ensure that they only carry quality building supplies for your needs

A good merchant will have years of experience dealing with all the different building supply materials which makes it possible for them to carry a wide variety of building supplies. This can include roofing supplies and roofline products, clothing and safety equipment, metal products, insulation, felts and DPC, doors, construction materials, and drainage materials, in addition to the supplies already mentioned earlier. This will make purchases a lot easier for the consumer since they only have to deal with a single supplier for all their building materials. These merchants’ websites have online ordering service, can deliver supplies within 72 hours and even offer free delivery for a minimum order.

With the many misconceptions people have regarding builders merchants, people are missing out on potentially better products, and possibly better trade prices. Though many will automatically go to popular DIY stores, consumers will get better deals by if they learn how to pick the right builders merchant for their building supply needs.