FDA Approved Diet Pills

Obesity and weight gain is a concern for many. People who are concerned about weight loss take to diet pills, be it pills prescribed by the doctor, or purchased over the counter. But many miss the point that the pills they take should be FDA approved ones. If not, the pills will cause side effects detrimental to the health. In general, all diet pills that are approved by the FDA are not only safe but effective too as long as they are taken as advised. These pills are mostly for short-term use and should be accompanied by exercise and good food habits. However, not all the pills are approved and sanctioned by the FDA.

Diet Pills Approved By The FDA:
Phendimetrazine: This is an appetite suppressant and a Phentermine Pills weight loss medicine and is effective if followed with healthy diet and exercise. This pill is for a short term use and is available with the brand name called Bontril.

Xenical: This is a prescription drug and is used as a fat blocker. It is strongly advised that this pills be taken after consulting a doctor and after he or she tells you how to take it. It blocks the absorption of the fat by the body to the extent of 30%. It is better that fatty diets are avoided while taking Xenical.

Phentermine: This is one more a diet suppressant and tends to work on the central nervous system. It is advised for short-term use and is available by the brand name Apidex-P.

The following diet pills that were approved by the FDA, but later withdrawn because of unusual side effects:

Sibutramine: This was the very first ever diet pill that was approved by the FDA for long-term use, but was withdrawn in 2010 because cardiovascular side effects were reported by the use of this pill.