Caring For Your Body While Bodybuilding Over 40

There is no better time like the present to turn that paunchy body into an athletic figure. You can be just as effective bodybuilding over 40 as you would have been 2 decades ago. However, you should take some precautions to protect your health and body while you exercise.

Once you have researched bodybuilding and feel you understand the elements of fitness over 40, you should also study the success of other men and women bodybuilders your age. Find several people with body types and fitness goals similar to your own and use them as role models. Use them to create your own training schedule and program. Also, note how gradually they began training, including their reps, weights, and cycles.

In the beginning of a bodybuilding over 40 program you Sr9009 should start with a longer cycle that allows more rest. You will need more time for renewal and repair because you are not accustomed to this type of activity. Ideally, you would work a muscle group on day 1 and rest for two days. On day 4 you would do another muscle group and then rest for two more days. You would continue this process until you have trained every muscle group and then you would rest for two days before beginning the cycle again. As you adjust to strength training, you can shorten your cycles and rest if you prefer.

Never begin with too much weight. It is common for younger people to mistakenly begin too high. This is not because they can start with more weight than you, it is because their bodies can endure and repair damage they cause much faster. Begin at a very low weight, the amount may vary per person. Start low enough so that you can maintain control while you perform proper movements and techniques.

You should begin bodybuilding over 40 by using higher repetitions with your lighter weights. 15 reps are a good place to start. Some experts recommend a “periodized” style where every other cycle you use slightly more weight but perform fewer reps. It will be up to you to determine when your body can repair and renew fast enough to begin this type of training. Eventually, you will be able to lower the reps and add weight at every cycle.