The right steps to take after losing your card

So your social security card is lost. It is a source of alarm, considering that it holds your lifetime earnings and a large portion of your identity. The good news is, you can still have control of your financial details if you act fast, and the card isn’t as important as the number within – Here’s what to do when you’ve lost your social security card:

1. Get in touch with the Social Security Administration

This is the most crucial step. The Social Security Administration is assigned to care for your retirement benefits. Letting them know about your loss gives you the chance to apply for a new number. You’ll get the entire issue sorted out within a short time since they’re fast and friendly.

2. Request for a copy of your credit report and study it

Anyone with your card can gain access to your credit report. That’s why it’s imperative for you to have a copy of the report, for you to go through the details and spot any suspicious activity. Once you notice any anomaly that points to fraud, report it to the relevant authorities for immediate action.

3. Keep an eye on your credit report

Being aware of your report helps you to easily monitor any fraud cases if you’re new to it. If you identify a fraud case, the best thing to do is to file an identity theft report with the nearest agency of law enforcement. Afterward, have a victim statement taken. This cripples potential fraudsters since it enables lenders to contact you prior to giving credit in your name.

4. Make a call to the Internal Revenue Service

This helps in circulating the news that you’ve lost your card. It is also vital for hindering fraudsters from getting your refund check and giving a tax return in your name. The sooner you make the call, the faster your financial details will be intact.

5. Contact any of the major credit bureaus

Call either TransUnion, Equifax or Experian and let them know. Doing this keeps your identity security tight since the bureau you call will pass the alert to the other two. Ensure that you regularly upgrade your alert until you’re certain that the predicament is under control.

6. Reach out to the Internet Crime Complaint Center

If you prefer to do things digitally, this is a wonderful option. The Center basically receives your complaint and lets the concerned authorities know about it online. It is convenient because it alerts law enforcement agencies at all levels, whether local, federal, international or state. With the worldwide spread of the internet, many people are contacted regardless of their geographical position.

7. Contact the Federal Trade Commission

Just like the IC3, the FTC has made it their business to notify law enforcement agencies of any fraudulent practices. It makes this possible by gathering the reports and availing them for investigation. Their main mission is to ensure that you are protected and get what is rightfully yours. Its vast experience and a large team of professionals guarantees a fast solution to your problem.