Save Money by Hiring Professional Cleaners.

There are many reasons why hiring a professional cleaning service can save your business money or increase your profits:

1. The daily cost of cleaning staff is probably lower than the hourly rate for most current office staff when considering the efficiency of a professional cleaner. Let’s say you pay $ 10.00 per hour per employee, and it takes two and a half hours to clean your office ($ 25 per hour, plus any paid benefits). The professional may charge $ 15 per hour, but it requires expert cleaning. 1.5 hours to clean your desk (total cost $ 22.50). You can save money by paying 1800 Cleaner. Do not forget that your employee has just returned for three hours, which can be used to help develop your business!

2. There is a significant cost associated with the use of office staff to clean up. Let’s be realistic. No one wants to clean the office where it works. If you are a graphic artist, I do not think cleaning the latrines that my colleagues robbed at work will make me feel good about my practical decision. Female employees do not want to invade their privacy when other employees see hygiene or beauty products in the comfort rooms. What is the manager who wants to choose their graphic artists if his bathroom cleaning is less than usual?

3. There is a soft cost associated with not using a commercial cleaning company. Most office managers lack the attention and expertise to oversee the cleaning efforts of their employees. They must allocate time to examine, analyse and review the cleaning effort. They must effectively express their observations and expectations to office staff who often lack training/experience to implement the necessary changes in cleaning practices. A professional cleaning company has highly trained and efficient supervisors to carry out these tasks. Employing a commercial cleaning company gets your management time back!

4. The commercial cleaning company must use its professional equipment. This equipment is stronger and more reliable than the household equipment that most companies buy at local retail stores. Also, the cleaning company shall bear the cost of maintaining the equipment. Total savings may amount to hundreds of dollars annually.

5. The commercial cleaning company has experience in choosing between professional cleaning products that are often not available to small businesses. Many of these products require specialised training for safe use. Commercial detergents also purchase the most used products in large quantities, resulting in savings that may be passed on to their customers.

6. The appointment of a commercial cleaning company reduces concerns about liability. Do you want to defend a lawsuit (submitted by your graphic artist) claiming to have been hit by caustic chemicals? Or when an employee alleges that he has received chemical burns due to the use of an acid toilet basin cleaner? Or when an employee slides on a non-drop-down floor?

7. Contract with a commercial cleaning company that ensures that the appropriate detergents are always available. What to do when your artist takes days of illness or vacations? The office still needs cleaning. Who are you going to force now?

In short, there are many direct and indirect benefits associated with employing a specialised cleaning service to handle the needs of cleaning your business. Usually, a professional cleaner hire is the best option.