What are capacitors?

Capacitors are one of a few common, passive, electrical components used in a variety of different ways. At the most basic level the purpose of capacitors is to store electric charge, but it is also used in various other applications. To know what other applications capacitors have learn more from www.directics.com/electronic-components-list/.

Construction: The most basic design of a capacitor consists of two metal plates, each connected to it’s own electrode and separated by a non-conductive material called a dielectric.

Factors that determine the charge a capacitor can hold:

The charge a capacitor can hold is limited by three factors.

1. The area of the two metal plates used: A larger area can store a bigger charge.

2. The type of dielectric: The ability of the dielectric to isolate the two plates from each other limits the charge that can be held on the metal plates. If the dielectric is a good insulator no charge can leak across it and a larger charge can be held.

3. The distance between the plates: The smaller the distance between the plates the smaller the charge that can be held.

Basic working of the capacitor:When a capacitor is connected to a DC power source like a cell, electrons move from the negative terminal of the cell towards the plate to which it is connected.At the same time the positive terminal of the cell attracts any electrons from the plate to which it is connected.

This creates a potential difference between the two plates of the capacitor, since one plate has an abundance of electrons (negative charge) and the other has an lack of electrons (positive charge). This will continue until the voltage drop between the two plates is equal to the supply voltage of the cell.

If the cell were to be disconnected, the capacitor will hold it’s charge until it is connected to another circuit or such time that the charge is neutralized through leakage current across the dielectric.

It is useful to note that in an alternating current circuit, a capacitor will act as a short circuit at high frequencies since the change in polarity of the supply voltage is quicker than the charging time of the capacitor.

Types of capacitors: There are a variety of capacitors on the market, each designed for a very specific use.They range from tiny ceramic, axial or electrolytic capacitors used in electronic circuits, to large capacitors use in strobe lights, electric motors and electric fence energizers.

Uses: Capacitors can simply be used to store an electric charge for a limited

Time: Capacitors are used in tuned electric circuits like FM-senders and

Receivers: Capacitors can be used in filtering, smoothing and rectifying circuits.

Capacitors are used as protective devices in electronics to prevent DC feedback in a variety of amplifier circuits. Capacitors are used in AC power installations to improve the power factor and make the electricity usage more efficient. It does this by causing a phase shift between the current and voltage which opposes the effect caused by mostly inductive devices used in houses and industries.

What is a capacitor then?

It is a very simple electronic component that uses the principles of electrostatics to store and release charge in a controlled manner.

How does Jewellery repair work

The jewelry repair process starts with a highly skilled craftsman with high levels of expertise. Essentially the artisan combines precision with the ability to turn gems, metals and other beautiful materials into works of art. Apart from the skills and time invested by shopedc.com/jewelry/jewelry-repair-dayton-ohio/ in bringing unique masterpieces to life, what else is required when refurbishing jewelry? Does the equipment matter or the certification from similar association make any difference? There is more to jewelry repair than meet the eye. To fully understand the work commissioned into the repair, here’s an insight of the process.

Conventional design process
Any certified jewelry dealer will fully commit to making your piece of jewelry more enthralling for generations to come, whether it needs updating or a new one that could use the touch of an expert.

Like every formal process, the first thing that is carried out once you visit a jeweler is consultation to exchange views on the design of the ring or ornament. This allows the artisan to come with the blueprints in regard to the ideas you presented. After a careful assessment of the blueprints by both the client and the jeweler, the estimated price required to fabricate it is compiled and the actual crafting process begins. The actual process includes; the formation of the wax carving, molding the metal work, placement of the stone and finally the finishing work.

Formation of the wax carving and casting the metal
Basically, the wax carving process consists of carving the model into a wax then later it to cast the final pieces. There are several methods used when making the cast. However, the most popular method is the use of investment plaster. A sprue (the mechanism used to pour plastic or metal into a mold) is used to pour the wax into a container then filled with investment plaster. Once the plaster dries completely, it is then put into a kiln. The heat burns out the wax then leaves out space for the mold to fit into. The molten metal is then injected into the space at a high pressure the cooled down at favorable temperatures. The investment plaster is carefully removed to reveal the already cooled down metal piece the will be used in the next steps.

Setting the stone
As the name suggests, this simply means placing the stone’ on the
designed metal work part. Various techniques are used place the stone in place,
they include gypsy, claw, channel, pave, grain, Bezel, terrain, and illusion.
The design, shape, and size of the stone dictate the method that will be used.
From prongs to tightly bound metal around the stone, each setting requires an
intricate process. We all love having unique personalized jewelry that no one
else has, therefore from the array of stone settings available you can choose
the setting that best suits you need.

Finishing the design
Polishing or finishing the jewelry is among the final stages or jewelry repair. Human perception is mostly based and prioritized on the outward appearance rather than the underlying conditions. And so it follows in jewelry repair. The casting, setting, and precision might be flawless, but a jewelry with a rough, blunt or slightly imperfect surface is prematurely deemed as inferior. The finishing stage in jewelry includes adding color or bright polish, texture and other technical processes that make the final outcome seamless. The techniques used depend on the size of the area that needs finishing, heat treatment, polishing wheels and hand sanding are some of the methods used in the final stage.Know your option, find out which designs will satisfy your fashion needs before visiting the jeweler. Insist on finding out the techniques that will be used to repair your jewelry for a better outcome.

Overcome disaster by a strong roof for your home.

Did you know the most important part and where beauty comes from is your roof? And the importance of a strong roof for your home is a matter that you can’t ignore from the foundation. Without a roof, it’s impossible to call your home a shelter for it’s the roof that turns your home into a shelter. At the point of starting your foundation, you must have a vision for your roof and how best it can serve you. The goal of the roof may depend from one individual to the other, but a strong roof will serve generations when given good care. Just take a look at the old roofs at https://www.diyroofs.com/roofing-cost-estimator.php/.

Different roofing styles and materials have come with their cost varying against their qualities. Though it’s true that you can have a roofing material at any cost, both lower and higher cost, the most important part is the durability, quality and how best it will serve you and your generation.

The only way that will eliminate fear to the occupants of the house is a strong roof above. This comes in since you are assured of a stable cover above your head hence you will remain confident both while in the house and outside. The following are some of the importance of a strong roof for your home and how they can help you overcome the problems.

1.Ability to accommodate different climate condition.

Without a clear knowledge of the climate around your home, the ability of your roof to sustain you for a longer period can be a challenge. The climate of many different parts has changed due to other environmental factors hence it important to reduce risk by setting up a stronger roof.

2.Ability to withstand strong wind.

You may not know the source and the destination of the wind making it very hard to joke around with the roof. A low-quality roof will be blown away by wind frequently making it very expensive and such can easily cause death. To overcome the frequent problems that may be experienced get a stronger roof for your home

3.Withstand heavy rains.

All the natural factors that we experience come in direct contact with our roofs every time they happen. Setting a strong roof is a clear indication that you will not be shaken during the rainy season as the roof will be able to support and withstand the heavy rains.

4.Able to withstand snowfall.

Don’t have in a mind a lesser quality roof for they will not be able to withstand the damages that may be caused by snowfall. Such massive damages as seen in the past when not given good attention by setting up a stronger roof can lead to massive destructions again and again.

5.Ability to keep off moisture and water.

When your roof is strong enough, such negative factors that may cause the retention of moisture and water shouldn’t be a factor to discuss. Since holding moisture can cause damage to the roof making it to rust, a strong roof should be able to withstand such and give positive results.

When setting up the quality of the roof, never limit your choice to the quality of the material but include good and reputable contractor. Engage different suppliers and even a background on the company check to get the assurance of the quality before you can settle on one.

Saying YES to professional home movers


It really sounds wonderful if there is someone who can do such a stressful and difficult job for you, such a moving, and if you are move in winter or summer- nothing seems worse. If you want to avoid nervousness about moving , there are professionals such as https://www.us-mailing-change-of-address.com who will do all the work for you.This is why you should hire professional home movers:


Home moving services have trained workers. Moving is a routine job for them.They pack and protect your stuff in one day and simply move you. They have a really high quality services. As a professionals, home moving services provide various services related to moving: packaging, loading, safe transport, furniture installation and folding, free transfer of old and unnecessary stuff to the landfill and everything you can imagine about moving.


Yes, it sounds magical. Advantage of hiring a home moving service is that they have a equipment to move everything you want: large furniture , antiques, fragile, sensitive or heavy stuff, pets…literally everything.

Also, there are home moving services who will sell stuff that are unnecessary to you. This will give you additional motivation to get rid of stuff you do not use. That stuff make moving difficult and unnecessarily occupy your living place, but all of us have plenty of them.


Home moving services do not have strict working time. They know they are here because of you. They will respect your time and your needs and you will agree on everything. They will do anything to make the client happy.


During moving , it is inevitable that something breaks or destroys. If you have moved all by yourself or with your friends and family, the damage is irreversible, but the one of advantages of hiring a home moving service is that , it will compensate you for all the damage caused by their fault, so you are safe with them.


With this professionals you will safe money anyway. Yes , you must pay them for the services they provide, but they usually do a free assessment of moving and there are also tariffs for each individual job. Tariff refer to the specificity of the deal, the distance of the moving, the weather at the time of moving, as well as the
season of moving. Summer is far the busiest season for professional home moving services – from school children and students preparing for schools and
colleges, to young couple who buy new homes. Therefore, the cost of hiring a home moving services tends to be more favorable over the season , when moving is not so common. So if you want to save some money, plan a move over the season.

Now , if you calculate all the cost of moving by yourself, not counting the stress, lost time and damaged things, there is only one question left: Why NOT hire professional home movers? There is no answer if you want to do with good quality and save some money and specially save your nerves.

Cure for Pain

Have you ever experienced a severe pain and you don’t know how to regulate, cure or treat it due to failure of common medication? Worry no more since pain patch from luminas.com/real-time-pain-relief/ is here to solve all your problem. Pain patch are basically used in reliving of very severe pains to the people who have been in need of pain medication for long periods of time. Necessarily, those who are treated with pain patch are those people who cannot be treated by other types of medication. Therefore, pain patch is produced so that it can be able in pain treatment practises to the patient who either suffering severe or chronic pains.

After training or athletic competition, muscles tear which leads to inflammation. The body needs rest to help heal stiffness and soreness of the muscles. Anti-inflammatory patches will help the body muscles heal naturally within a short time.

Anti-inflammatory patches are made from omega-3, amino acids and turmeric that have healing properties of inflammation. It is always advisable to use the patches during training or competition time. This will allow you to work out for longer periods without experiencing fatigue or pain.

You don’t have to worry about the patch coming out of the skin due to sweating. It is made in a way to stick firmly on the skin without coming out even in the shower unless you decide to remove it. The patches neither causes allergic reactions nor irritation to the skin. Small patches can take up to 2 days before coming out while larger ones take at least 1 day.

Their is no need of pills, no Oder ,and no mess. their will be no sense of pain from your chronic itchy sculpt and head because pain patches are their to give you relief and you will be back on your life in no time. A pain patch is the break through in relief without the help of drugs.The patch holds the a massive power that gets the source of pain and inflammation. You will feel better in no time. This is due to the advancement of technology remedies are patched together to help the body. The technology is based on chemistry, capture the power of different friendly remedies that wont irritate your skin, pain relieving and anti inflammation properties. each of the remedies have their on functions that are combined in the patch, the the patch works with the body in a natural way and provides a quick relief. When applied on the sculpt of your hair , the skin will naturally react, u will start to see the difference in couple of minutes. while we have different body types, pain relief is instantly gone within a short period of time completely eradicated.

It is suitable for everyone, the patch is all natural and does not have any chemicals. This makes it suitable for use by everyone at home just as long as they are not allergic.Pain patch is readily available hence its easily accessible to all those who need it. pain patches have a very low chances of addiction and abuse. Pain patch decrease the chances of addiction and abuse. This is because the user have to follow strict prescription as prescribed by a doctor therefore very low cases of addiction or even the abuse of the pitches.

Merchant Services Explained

In financial services, merchant services are the aspects of a financial transaction carried out between a business and a paying customer at the purchasing point of the goods and services. It is also categorized by the means a paying customer will pay for the goods and services available like the use of a credit or debit card where a card machine is available, at a sale system point or online purchasing.

For a business to process a customers payment transaction, it will need to first set up a Merchant Account with a reputable Merchant Services Provider that will enable the transfer of money between a customers bank account and the business bank account automatically without any personal details having to be shared.

How Do Merchant Services Work?

Merchant services are termed as credit card processing which is the process of managing and authorizing the payment transaction between a customer and a business. For this to be successful, the merchant services will undergo a process;

  • The customer’s payment information collection
  • The customer has to be authorized whether he can make payments to the business or not.
  • The amount finally is deposited into the business bank account.

The actual authorization is the most important part of the payment transaction for the best merchant services for small business. At this stage, there is a keen review of any inability or fraud of the customer to have access to enough funds to purchase the goods and services. The type of payment offered by a customer and the type of machine used to carry out the payment transaction determines the kind of authorization process to be carried. A customer may intend to use a MasterCard or a visa. After this part of the process is declared successful, an authorization code is sent to the provider of the customer’s payment. The provider proves it is genuine before sending it on to the business bank account. This process is complete after the code passed through the card machine, the online system or the point of sale.

Why Do Merchant Services Exist?

The most fundamental part is merchant services during the process of payment transaction between a business and the attended customers. The element of trade is most important because it enables a seamless, real-time and safe money transfer from a customer account to the business account. The card transaction between the customer and the business is characterized by four different elements of interaction;

1. The business to which the money is sent to

2. The bank used by the customer to send the money

3. the bank that will receive the funds

4. And finally, the customer sending the money.

The merchant service provider has the responsibility of making sure all these elements are well linked successfully without any inconvenience, failure to which there will be not good and services delivered.

How are Merchant Services Funded?

For merchant services to be available between the business and the customer, a small transaction fee is taken by each account provider from any transaction made to cover the expenses of the whole process. These fees differ depending on the merchant service provider and the target interchange fee from the transaction amount. Therefore what business receives will be less the customer’s payment due to the interchange fee charged before the money reaching business bank account.

Merchant services are important to any financial service success. Businesses which don’t consider these services end up failing due to complications. Always consider merchant services when doing business.

Danger of losing your social security card

Have you lost your social security card or damaged it? A social security card/number is among the essential documents you need to possess, you need it to be able to apply for a job, file tax returns, get insurance cover and even open a bank account and sign up for credit. Losing or damaging a social security card can be stressful but not anymore, you could get a social security card replacement directly from the United States social security administration.

Replacing and getting a new Social security number are two entirely different processes, only a few people qualify for a new card after providing extensive evidence that they are being disadvantaged by someone who is impersonating their identity. Getting a Social security card replaced is usually free and the US government allows for up to three replacements per year and a maximum of ten replacements in one’s entire lifetime. If you’d like to be guided through the process, head over to https://sscardreplacement.com/how-to-get-a-social-security-card-without-an-id/.

If you lost your social security card, fraudsters will be in a position to do the following.

1. Sign up for new payments cards.

2. Get into your financial accounts.

3. Filing of fraudulent tax returns.

The tips below will guide you towards getting a social security card replaced fast.

1. Original documents.

You will have to provide original documents that prove your US citizenship. Some of these documents include: US birth certificate

1. US passport,

2. Driver’s license,

3. School identity card,

4. US military ID

5. A health Insurance card among others.

2. Complete and fill form SS-5.

Print and fill the SS-5 form completely and accurately otherwise your application will be declined and your documents sent back to you. You could also fill out the application for a replacement of your card on the social security website.

The Administration only affirms original documents, therefore avoid sending document photocopies or documents that have not been certified to be original. It is of great importance to write legibly and always use blue or black ink when writing official documents.

3. Send the documents to your local social security office.

You can visit the office and file the application or mail the application.Use enough postage or track the mail to ensure it gets to the office in good time.

Finally, as you have seen, the process is swift and takes about two weeks to receive a replacement from the time of application.

Tip: you could apply for a social security card replacement online if you have a “My social security account” set up. This option is available for a few states, i.e. Texas, Florida Columbia and California among others. The application process is usually slightly different if you were born outside the US One needs to provide documents to prove your citizenship and identity, find further information here.

If you are a noncitizen, you will be required to provide documents proving your lawful noncitizen status.

Note: after losing your card, monitor your credit for fraud and abuse and also contact your credit agency to help you in monitoringDoing this will save you from losing your hard earned money.

The right steps to take after losing your card

So your social security card is lost. It is a source of alarm, considering that it holds your lifetime earnings and a large portion of your identity. The good news is, you can still have control of your financial details if you act fast, and the card isn’t as important as the number within – www.application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/form-ss-5/. Here’s what to do when you’ve lost your social security card:

1. Get in touch with the Social Security Administration

This is the most crucial step. The Social Security Administration is assigned to care for your retirement benefits. Letting them know about your loss gives you the chance to apply for a new number. You’ll get the entire issue sorted out within a short time since they’re fast and friendly.

2. Request for a copy of your credit report and study it

Anyone with your card can gain access to your credit report. That’s why it’s imperative for you to have a copy of the report, for you to go through the details and spot any suspicious activity. Once you notice any anomaly that points to fraud, report it to the relevant authorities for immediate action.

3. Keep an eye on your credit report

Being aware of your report helps you to easily monitor any fraud cases if you’re new to it. If you identify a fraud case, the best thing to do is to file an identity theft report with the nearest agency of law enforcement. Afterward, have a victim statement taken. This cripples potential fraudsters since it enables lenders to contact you prior to giving credit in your name.

4. Make a call to the Internal Revenue Service

This helps in circulating the news that you’ve lost your card. It is also vital for hindering fraudsters from getting your refund check and giving a tax return in your name. The sooner you make the call, the faster your financial details will be intact.

5. Contact any of the major credit bureaus

Call either TransUnion, Equifax or Experian and let them know. Doing this keeps your identity security tight since the bureau you call will pass the alert to the other two. Ensure that you regularly upgrade your alert until you’re certain that the predicament is under control.

6. Reach out to the Internet Crime Complaint Center

If you prefer to do things digitally, this is a wonderful option. The Center basically receives your complaint and lets the concerned authorities know about it online. It is convenient because it alerts law enforcement agencies at all levels, whether local, federal, international or state. With the worldwide spread of the internet, many people are contacted regardless of their geographical position.

7. Contact the Federal Trade Commission

Just like the IC3, the FTC has made it their business to notify law enforcement agencies of any fraudulent practices. It makes this possible by gathering the reports and availing them for investigation. Their main mission is to ensure that you are protected and get what is rightfully yours. Its vast experience and a large team of professionals guarantees a fast solution to your problem.

Increasing the chance of a home sale

Because the housing market is not so good, homeowners have to charge for ways to increase the estimate of the home. Many face the cautionary certainty that the estimate of their home has dramatically decreased since they bought it. Whether the house is historic or recently built, all owners face the same dilemma. With just a few minor improvements, you can quickly increase your home estimate and attract buyers so they have to bid more. Small interior and exterior upgrades and accessory upgrades can affect the way home buyers view their potential homes. Here is importance of making your home look good during a sale. This will quickly make a positive initial introduction to any buyer including houston house buyers.

Make a strong initial introduction

Begin the initial positive introduction from the moment the buyer drives to the house. Pull the weeds in your garden and make your design look attractive, open and well cared for. This will send an automatic flag to the potential buyer that the house has been serviced in general. To obtain an additional surprise factor, update the outdoor accessories, for example, door handles, doorbells or lighting.

Improving your kitchen

According to real estate brokers, the people in the main room have an opportunity to look in the kitchen. This is where hours are dedicated every day to prepare, clean and spend time with the family after a long day of work. Therefore, a cozy kitchen that is present in the day and at the mode is an important piece of the house. Update this room by adding new appliances, painting it with another shading or placing it in another sink. Many people prefer to buy homes ready to move, and having the kitchen with a current appearance, your potential buyers will be ready to see the highest estimate of your home.

Improve the bathroom

Bathing areas are the second most sought-after room that owners use to help determine the estimate of a home. These rooms should be painted with bright colors, and should also offer adequate storage of clothes and toiletries. In case your room needs an update, try adding more associations under the sink or add another sink if your previous one is obsolete. This will immediately give a clear appearance and also provide a useful space to maintain composure.

Set the climate with enhanced lighting

In each room, new lighting fixtures can be included for the most part. These additions will make the living rooms and rooms cozy and provide great bright lighting in the windowless rooms.

The update of your home will pay big

Rest your worry when you make these little updates in your home. Not only will you have a more pleasant place to live, but potential buyers will look at your home with admiration and will probably increase your offer to have the opportunity to live in another updated home.


Are you planning to offer your house? In the remote possibility that yes, then there are some things you must do first. Just like a beautiful flower attracts many admirers, similarly, a dazzling home can attract many interested buyers. What should you do to make your home attractive to the potential buyer? The above tips are a part of the ways to do it.

Why you should change your address with USPS

Moving from on place to another can be hectic, time consuming and expensive at the same time. It doesn’t matter what is the reason why you are moving but it is important to change you address to the new location with the USPS. Listed are some of the reasons why you need to change your address with USPS after a move with change-of-address-online.com/addresschange/changeofaddress/.

1. Mail forwarding

Change of address makes sure that the USPS is able to forward you any mail that will be sent to your old address to your new address. Not every document will be sent via email these might include your insurance registration, licences and passports, paper bills, among many others, and thus the need to keep an active mailing address after moving.

2. Be on the good side of the law

ln most states, it is required by law that you must keep an updated
information like health care, motor vehicle registration among other. Such laws are required so that the government has the latest and accurate record of its citizens for distribution of resources, voting and other requirements. You really don’t want to get caught up on the wrong side of the law.

3. Online verification and transactions

lf you you want to shop online with your credit card or VISA, you will be requested to enter your billing address (same as you registered your card with). In case that these two datas are different, you will not be able to make an online payment. It is therefore important to update your address information to avoid such inconveniences. The Customer Identification Program (CIP) is required by the US law to all banks that they keep an accurate verifiable record before you can be allowed to transact.

4. Don’t be a victim of identity theft

lf you do not update your new address with your clients and creditors alike, you are just setting yourself up to be a victim of identity theft. These identity thieves will go ahead and open an account with your personal details and you’ll end up paying for whatever scam they will be up to. It is important to update your address with the credit bureaus after moving to avoid such scenarios from occurring.

5. Get Referrals

Professionals like doctors, lawyers an the like are known for their wide networks. If you are moving, you should update your new location address with your doctor. The doctor will be able to provide you with contacts of good practitioners in your new location. These is information that could easily save you incase of emergencies.

6. Online Purchases:Sometimes, we have set our purchases to the one-click to buy and you really don’t need your purchases delivered to your old place. You should be able to update your address after you move to facilitate a smooth delivery of good and services tat you could have purchased online.

Irregardless of whether your move is temporary or permanent, it is very important for one to update their mailing address to the new location. The process can take some time (usually 2-3 weeks) and it is advisable to start the address change with the USPS a few weeks before you actually do the moving. Changing address can be done either online or by making a phone call to the USPS and request the change or even by personally visiting the postal services and filling in the physical forms.