Danger of losing your social security card

Have you lost your social security card or damaged it? A social security card/number is among the essential documents you need to possess, you need it to be able to apply for a job, file tax returns, get insurance cover and even open a bank account and sign up for credit. Losing or damaging a social security card can be stressful but not anymore, you could get a social security card replacement directly from the United States social security administration.

Replacing and getting a new Social security number are two entirely different processes, only a few people qualify for a new card after providing extensive evidence that they are being disadvantaged by someone who is impersonating their identity. Getting a Social security card replaced is usually free and the US government allows for up to three replacements per year and a maximum of ten replacements in one’s entire lifetime. If you’d like to be guided through the process, head over to https://sscardreplacement.com/how-to-get-a-social-security-card-without-an-id/.

If you lost your social security card, fraudsters will be in a position to do the following.

1. Sign up for new payments cards.

2. Get into your financial accounts.

3. Filing of fraudulent tax returns.

The tips below will guide you towards getting a social security card replaced fast.

1. Original documents.

You will have to provide original documents that prove your US citizenship. Some of these documents include: US birth certificate

1. US passport,

2. Driver’s license,

3. School identity card,

4. US military ID

5. A health Insurance card among others.

2. Complete and fill form SS-5.

Print and fill the SS-5 form completely and accurately otherwise your application will be declined and your documents sent back to you. You could also fill out the application for a replacement of your card on the social security website.

The Administration only affirms original documents, therefore avoid sending document photocopies or documents that have not been certified to be original. It is of great importance to write legibly and always use blue or black ink when writing official documents.

3. Send the documents to your local social security office.

You can visit the office and file the application or mail the application.Use enough postage or track the mail to ensure it gets to the office in good time.

Finally, as you have seen, the process is swift and takes about two weeks to receive a replacement from the time of application.

Tip: you could apply for a social security card replacement online if you have a “My social security account” set up. This option is available for a few states, i.e. Texas, Florida Columbia and California among others. The application process is usually slightly different if you were born outside the US One needs to provide documents to prove your citizenship and identity, find further information here.

If you are a noncitizen, you will be required to provide documents proving your lawful noncitizen status.

Note: after losing your card, monitor your credit for fraud and abuse and also contact your credit agency to help you in monitoringDoing this will save you from losing your hard earned money.